LCD Monitor/TV REPAIR IN Solapur, LED/Monitor TV REPAIR IN Solapur

LCD TV Repair Services: Whether it is our home, a shop, a mall, offices or even deluxe buses, a TV is everywhere to be seen. It has become a necessity today, owing to the latest news , serials, reality TV shows, and all kinds of other entertainment stuff that it provides. It enjoys the same charm as it used to,a few years back, when technology was new to us. Provided the utmost care given to it on time, a TV is a really useful appliance today.

WE Also Provide LCD/LED Repair Services in Solapur. TV repair in Solapur, tv repair service in Solapur, led repair in Solapur, plasma tv repair in Solapur, LCD or LED repair in Solapur, lcd repair service in Solapur, TV/Monitors repairing center in Solapur. We repair all brands of LCD or LED TV & Monitors in Solapur like Samsung, LG, Philips, Onida.


This is the most common problem while using a LED/LCD/Plasma TV. Sometimes users face problems of  having colour loss, colour patches, lines on TV Screen, black spots on a TV, flickering of video in a row. It is very obvious that nobody would like to watch TV with these defects.So  better approach us because we guarantee you that we will provide you the best service in no time so that you can enjoy your favourite TV show as soon as possible!!

We provide all repair services for LCD/LED TV that can be

Bad picture quality of TV.

Bad sound quality of TV.

Any fluctuation in the video scenes.

Connectivity Issue (WIFI, USB, HDMI etc).

Remote Issue

Electricity shock or any other damage to TV set.

Any type of inconsistent behavior of LCD/LED TV.

TV Blackout; No Audio & Video:

This is the second most frequent issue in a flat panel TV which is seen in many cases. Sometimes there will be complete black out in a LCD TV. In such cases, you need not panic, instead contact us and we will give your problem a permanent solution.

Audio not audible:

This looks like you are playing childish games with the TV trying to interpret what the video suggests. This is also a frequently encountered issue in a LCD. Without sound, nothing is enjoyable.

Remote Connectivity Issues

Sometimes even if the TV woks fine, the remote poses a problem .Affinity of A TV with the remote is a must, and any one getting out of service, is not acceptable.

In any of the above cases, feel  free to contact us via call, mail, etc. and we will provide you hassle free service at your doorsteps.